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The Wanderwatch parent app allows parents to keep in touch with their kids. So you can rest assured they are safe.  

Wanderwatch chat screen preview

Send chats any way you like

Quickly and easily reach your child to say "Dinner is ready!". Just open the app and draw a house, signaling your child to come home. It will take 2 seconds to draw yet it is immediately clear, for any age. And that is how communication should be.

If you have more elaborate messages, you can also use text or send voice messages. Your child can do the same from their Wanderwatch!

Game idea: PRACTICE SPELLING - send your little one a voice message with a word they need to practice to spell and have them spell the word back to you letter by letter.

Always see where your child is

We don't mean this function to continuously track your kids whereabouts, although it can perfectly do that. Your child should explore the world on his own. However we as parents like to know where our kids are. So whenever you feel the urge, open the app and see the position of your child being updated about every minute.

This 1 minute update interval will makes it the best GPS tracker in the market today.

And if there is ever an emergency, your child can alert you by pressing a single Alarm button. When that button is pressed, all parents within the family are alarmed simultaneously. 

Wanderwatch GPS tracking screen

Wanderwatch school mode screen

Parent-enabled school mode

School is the time to focus. Parents can easily enable school mode during school hours. Use multiple lines to make sure your child can use Wanderwatch during breaks. 

When in the class-room with schoolmode enabled, your child's Wanderwatch will only show the time. Your child is still able to set timers and watch the time, but all other functionalities are unavailable.

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Beste value: The Wanderwatch Starterkit

Keep your kids safe and connected with Wifi, Bluetooth and 3G during a magical playtime. Know where they are and what they’re doing through messaging and GPS, using the free parents’ app. Your little ones will love the sound functions, team-up wrist-bump and the added magic beacon. A light and comfortable wear combined with a high-contrast touch screen make this product your child’s new favorite thing.  Discover more

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Wanderwatch founders Anton Ellie

As many parents as you like

We know that granny or a nanny will also look after your kids sometimes. No problem, they can also register Wanderwatch on their smartphones and have the same chat and map functionalities that you have.

Wanderwatch parent app available for IOS and Android

Available for free on iOS and Android

The Wanderwatch parent's app is available for Android and iOS and can be downloaded for free in the App Store. The App is required to register Wanderwatch.

Wanderwatch is not a phone but a smart communication device

Too young for a smartphone?

Do you want to stay in touch with your child, but you think he or she is too young for a smartphone? Wanderwatch is completely independent of a smartphone. And it won't be another screen that glues them to the sofa either.