Wanderwatch is een Wonderwatch!

What is in a name?

Wanderwatch is written with an A not an O. Read more about the secrets of our name. Although we could have written Wonderwatch as well as the Wanderwatch is so packed with cool features, it makes you wonder how we cramped it all in such a compact smartwatch!

Why it is Wanderwatch and not Wonderwatch

Our mission is to get kids off the couch and back outdoors again. We like to see kids exercise their curiosity and discover the world through their actions and experiences. We think this is so important, that we put it into our brand. Wandering or dwelling around is what we see as an important aspect of childhood. But it could just as well have been wondering!

The second part of the name has 2 elements in it. First, it refers to the parents, who can "Watch" their kids, using the GPS app. This is not meant for helicopter parents, who what to constantly see where their kids are. It is meant for parents who have more peace of mind, to let their kids wander off by themselves, even when they are out of sight.

Watch also refers to smartwatch, of course. Wanderwatch has all things you would expect from a modern smartwatch, 3G, Wifi, GPS, bluetooth, microphone, speaker, bright touch screen, camera, and a comfortable fit. But above all, we see it as an outdoor game console, worn on the wrist. Sounds good, doesn't it?

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