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        Wanderwatch combines the fun of interactive games with the benefits being outdoors. But what do we mean by that? Observations of children engaged in outdoor play, have confirmed what we already knew, that they like to role-play. And role play is critical to their developing understanding of the world around them. This is why we see them running around pretending to be a police officer, a knight or a princess. Wanderwatch understands this, and this is why we offer the Sounds App to heighten their role play experiences.

        Designed by Kids 

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        To decide which sounds to include in the Wanderwatch Sound App, we went to the specialists in the field of role play, our children. These are the sounds that captured their imagination:

        • Swords: motion activated sword sounds set are off by moving your Wanderwatch arm

        • Sirens: start the engines and listen to different kind of sirens while they sound off their horns

        • Magic stick: activate by moving your arm, and then, let the magic happen

        • Horse gallop: press and listen to the horse gallop as it races towards you

        • Funny sounds: don't listen to these in polite company, need I say more?

        Watch your children gamify their role play with the Wanderwatch Sound App, and let their adventures begin!

        Time to Play!