Big mother is watching you!

There are a lot of GPS trackers for kids on the market today. There are also a lot of opinions of parents, either supporting or opposing the use of technology to track your kids, which is why we wrote this blog on how we intend our location tracking to be used.

Before you read on, take a moment and think about how many times you send a message to your partner to say you are coming home?

Wanderwatch features a parent’s app, that allows you to communicate with your children and to see where they are.  Contrary to many competitive products, the watch will communicate its position about every minute (if the position has changed). That allows you to quickly see where your children are. Other products update your child's position only every 15 minutes. We realized that is not sufficient. Imagine how far your adventurer goes in 15 minutes?

However it is not meant as NASA’s mission control center, monitoring your child continuously!

We provide parents a quick peace of mind to see that their children are doing allright. Like that message you send to your partner that you are coming home.

Location tracking is also beneficial to the child.  

Today many parent join their children when they go outside. That is fun. But nowadays children are so protected from harm that they rarely have to assess situations on their own. Of course parents are responsible. But children have to learn to assess situations, e.g. can I jump of this small wall?

Assessing situations is an important skill both now and in the future. 

This is exactly the reason why we included a location tracker. Your child can go outside and discover the world on his/her own. 

You have piece of mind that you know where your children are....

...And if something happens, there is always the SOS button...

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Wanderwatch innovative location tracking

When you start the parent's app, the App automatically shows the location and updates about every minute. This gives you a quick insight of where your child is, but it also drains the battery of the watch more quickly. The battery lasts about 2 to 2.5 hours if continuously sending location updates.

So we came up with a simple and effective solution. As soon as you stop watching, the Wanderwatch determines its location only about every 15 minutes!