10 Reasons why Outdoor Play is so Important

...and so much FUN

        In these days kids are attracted to their tablet, video games, smartphone and computer, but kids also need to play outside. It is part of being a child and we think one of the best parts. Outdoor play makes children smarter, healthier and happier. Here we give you 10 reasons why outdoor play is so important:

        1. Being Physical Active

        Running, jumping and climbing makes children physical active. Don’t need to say more.

        2. Reinforces the Immune System

        Playing outdoors exposes children naturally to various bacteria found in dirt and soil. Encountering these bacteria helps a child’s immune system to build up a resistance to them. Do not forget to wash your hands before dinner.

        3. Develops Social Skills

        While playing outside with friends children develop their social skills. They learn to cooperate and to negotiate about the rules of the game they just invented. And they learn to care about another.

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        4. Boost vitamin D level

        We all need a little sunshine. Vitamin D is essential for the development of strong bones. Just remember hats and sunscreen because we still need to protect their skin.

        5. Releases Creativity and Imagination

        There are no rules to play outside. Kids can be as creative as they like and let their imaginations run wild.

        6. Enhances Eyesight

        One that you might not have thought of directly. Children that spend more time outdoors are less likely to develop myopia, also known as short-sightedness.

        7. Improves attention span

        Kids who play outside often have longer attention spans, which can assist them in school.

        8. Makes children smarter

        While playing outdoors children discover the lessons of nature. How to build this bridge that is strong enough?

        9. Improves risk assessing skills

        Children need to take risks to learn how to manage risk. Can I jump of this little wall or is it just too high? This risk assessing skill is essential in life and forms the base for math classes later.

        10. It is FUN

        It is good for the kid in all of us: life is more fun with outdoor play even if you are not a child anymore. Go play outside with your kids. It is an excellent way to bond and it is a great way to build memories.

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